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DESI ADDICTS-a desi rap/ hip hop crew emerges from twin cities Pakistan. Their outrageous lyrics, hilarious rhymes and assertive voices make them different from all other punjabi rappers. On top of it their rhymes depict an anecdote for young desi people because there is a great intensity of desi culture in them. They tap into the topics like money, liquor, drugs, love, peace, comic, religious etc. In many of their rhymes they have been seen talking about the scamp and pure friends. DESI ADDICTS has simply addiction to desi culture and desi music. Whatever said by DESI ADDICTS is an edict. Promote their music in order to promote the true desi Hip Hop.
Dude1: Do you hear to DA's(Desi Addicts) ??? Damn they're freakin' awesome.
Dude2: Word to that.
by Desi Munda May 22, 2010
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