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An explicit but humorous joke occuring when the letter "D" is brought up into conversation. The person hearing the "D" will obnoxiously shout "Dese Nuts," making the victim who brought up "D" look foolish and dim-witted. "Dese" is meant to be a shorter version of "These"
Joe: Man, my report card is filled with C's and D's
Rob: Dese NUTS

Joe: d00d It's so hot out here, I could use a refreshing glass of Sunny D
Rob: Sunny Dese Nuts

Joe: Guys, guys. Tracy has Double D's
Cliff: I knoowwwww
Rob: Double Dese Nuts
Cliff: AHHHH Joe you loser

Joe: Hey cliff, whats the fourth letter of the alphabet again?
Cliff: D
Joe: Dese nuts AHHHHH

Teacher: What's your last name, son?
Rob: It starts with a D
Joe: COUGHdesenutsCOUGH

Joe: D00d Kid Cudi's new album is so sweet
Rob: Kid Cud-ese nuts

Joe: Hey d00d can you please burn me that CD
Rob: CD-ese nuts AHHH

Teacher: Hello I will be your substitute for today. You can call me Mr. D
Joe: Mr Dese Nuts AHHHHH
by robsjoes12 December 07, 2009
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