Referring to the origin or a video, in the context of a strange or weird video.
Ay yo Zack, what is the Derpsause? This thing is funny!
by Riversause October 27, 2020
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Someone who is very stupid. This person never uses their brain and never thinks about thinks before they do them. Often times these are the type of people who always make you lose in a game especially in Rainbow Six Siege because they are so bad. They always miss their shots causing everyone to hate them. This person only has one friend who is also weird. This person also loves pirates cause he's weird he plays pirate games and wants to waste everyone's time to try to get in the same lobby. This person also probably has a name starting with a Z.
Derpsause is such a freaking Idiot he is soooooo bad.
by Derksause October 27, 2020
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