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An amazing girl you will end up falling in love with from her looks to her kiss.
Warning she is a heart breaker but you won't care. She has a heart of gold and will make you feel the happiest you've ever been. She is small in body size and has perfect soft hair. She's just the right all around girl you'd want as a friend or a love. Her smile is also amazing.
Girl-"Do you want to be my boyfriend?"
Guy-"Sorry my heart belongs to a Deqa."
Girl-"Whose she?"
Guy-"Someone you'll never compare to so I don't think you'll want to try."
by ILoveDeqa April 24, 2009
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Acronym. Dave's Environmental Quality Act. C.E.Q.A.

A much simpler process than the California Environmental Quality Act. All Statements of Overriding Consideration are issued by Dave (that would be me).
"That project could have significant environmental impacts. It's subject to the D.E.Q.A. process. Hope he's in a good mood."
by Gongfarmer August 30, 2008
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