The sentiment of depression resulting from the pressure of seminal fluid (not-getting laid).
Friend1: Do you want to have a drink with the guys later?
Friend 2: No, I just have no will to do anything tonight, it must be the depressure.
by Pilgrim4 May 14, 2012
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This is when you really need to fart and go to the bathroom and rip big farts in there
Depressurization sensation:Jia the Asian beauty ate three plates of beans in work once she got home she really needed to dart so she went to the restroom she then ripped one big stinky fart” ohhhh that feels so much better oohhhh” Jia said

She then ripped more farts each time her butthole hurt after she came out the bathroom stunk then she farted even more each time moaning
by Who of May 9, 2022
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