The most fucking best anime opening i know word by word. I'm supposed to be doing work but why not listen to Departure! and write a definition for it :) 10/10 its a good anime. It's a very gay- I mean good anime 😀. SPOILERS!- gon really beat the fuck of the neferpitou like damn green goku.
This the first paragraph or whatever of Departure!

天使の微笑みで 連れ出して!
by @gonwhenheisntinnocent December 06, 2020
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The action of leaving, typically to start a journey.
He tried to stop her departure.
by @alexlatino356 August 27, 2018
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A server, made up of mostly chumps, but some good members like mag, luca, ken and people within that region of members. The server was initially created by the all seeing honja, and honja's favourite member is actually luca.
guy 1: wow bro have u heard of departure

guy 2: yeah bro I didn't know such a friendship like honja and luca could possibly exist irl!!
by SkuxxMachine101 May 28, 2020
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Awesome five-piece band from Northampton. Fantasticaly style-concious, lively, and howlingly talented.
The Departure are awesome aren't they. Yeah, safe as fuck
by baaays January 06, 2006
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Famous Tumblr Blogger; has no specific blog label although humor is a major part of his posts. Has over 427, 000 followers, real name is Daniel Kovacs.
Do you follow departured on Tumblr?
Of course I do, who doesn't?!
by AnEscapeExists June 17, 2014
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A poo store just behind the sludge valve. Where little Chocolate Hostages sit awaiting their release.
I have a little Chocolate Hostage sat in teh departure lounge, better find a crap trap quick.
by Steven and the Twins December 15, 2009
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Departure is a server made up of mostly no life teenaged girls, but what makes the server recoverable, is the fact that Luca and Mag are in the server. Well known as honja's favourites these two come together and make the ultimate duo and sometimes even bring honja around on their adventures.
Wow bro have you been to Departure (server) I didn't know that luca and mag were such great friends with honja
by SkuxxMachine101 May 31, 2020
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