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A girl who has a very out going personality! She knows how to make people smile it's no doubt she can't make you smile on you're worst day. A lot of people have respect for Deonna. However she doesn't like to be tied down with one person! She likes to live up and meet new people! Deonna is also a strong beautiful Woman/Girl, Don't get it twisted she'll beat you're ass!
Girl 1: You know my best friend Deonna? Girl 2:Yeah ofc, Everyone knows her she met like everyone and has a lot of friends now!
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by UranusPinkguy April 23, 2018
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Strong girl and beautiful also knows how to take care of herself,and also has so much soul. Plus she is outgoing and likes to get live but when it comes to school work or job working she is going to finish that. She is just overall a unique girl she is one hard girl to find in this life
Yo why is that girl De'Onna so beautiful?
by Gio5102 November 25, 2011
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A hot black girl or an ugly black girl. The one I know is pretty darn hot.
"Dawg, I saw dat chick Deonna again taday and she was lookin FOINE!"
by ChadtheRTF December 22, 2004
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