Denzen the best partner you can ask for. Unusual & out of the ordinary just like the name. Stands out in a crowd due to his handsomeness and built body. Cute when ready and always damn hot. Has the ability to make anyone laugh. Funniest person ever. Loves to make people laugh and smile. Dependable with anything. Sex drive is over the edge. Has the ability to turn you on with just one look. Undeniably sexy & charming which gives him the ability to attract many women. Has been through a lot and hides it with a smile until he meets someone he feels comfortable enough to share his feelings. Lovable and perfect in all his imperfections.
1. My boyfriend Denzen is so perfect. I want to marry him.

2. That Denzen is so hot. He fucked me so good last night.

3. Denzen is so funny I'm always laughing when I'm around him.

4. Denzen is so perfect I'm lucky to have him a my boyfriend.
by _KD.B_ January 4, 2017
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an asshole who fucking takes your shit without asking and steals your food
John:"He is such a denzen"
Garfield:"Yea he stole my fucking lasanga"
by ishashasha December 31, 2020
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