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Much Like fish hooking, the Male lyes back while the his penis is inside the females vagina/ass, then the female Lyes back against the male, and the male places 1 finger of each hand into the girls mouth and pulls her mouth open wide.
I Gave my Wife the Dentist Chair last night
by Sean Gatens May 29, 2006
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The act of brushing (flossing, mouth washing etc.) while taking a fat shit. Most often occurs on mornings where one wakes up late and is in a hurry to exit the house for work/school.
Guy 1: Dude you're late, what took you so long?

Guy 2: Sorry man, I woke up late. I had to take my usual morning dump but I also had to brush my teeth and I didn't know which I would have time for so I utilized the Dentist Chair

Guy 1: You're a genius.
by Fat Lars December 17, 2011
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