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A fairy from a land far far way..specifically bulgaria!!. Someone who is very pretty and has a very effervescent personality. Normally these fairies spend most of their time online and their last name is Stoyanova!! These fairies are smart...super nice and can never be mean to you. But the chances of you seeing one in real life are slim!!
OMG that girl is so pretty...but still not as pretty as denitsa!!

I wish i had wings and fly like that fairy denitsa!!
by sachin.jhunjhunwala February 05, 2010
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Someone named Denitsa is typically of Bulgarian decent. She is a very hard worker and loves to give criticism. She comes off as mean or rude because she is so blunt and gives a lot of criticism. Typically tries to be funny by saying jokes that can be insulting to others.
Denitsa is so rude and insulted everyone.

That girl only gave criticism, she must be named Denitsa.
by Cookies737 May 09, 2018
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Someone named Denitsa is typically of Bulgarian decent, meaning she's basically Russian which makes her a Communist. She makes jokes that are not funny by any means, but her laugh will literally make you roll down a hill. She loves to act really dumb even though she isn't because all Communists are smart. She's really pretty even though she doesn't think so. She doesn't listen to what anyone says because she's a big pain in the ass, but overall she's pretty great. She'll be your friend forever and that's kind of a downside because she's really fucking annoying. Just kidding, she's not that bad, she's actually the best person ever and the end.
Denitsa is really fuckin' annoying, but actually jk she a real one.
by urfavenimbus October 14, 2018
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