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A class of starship from Startrek. Two ships are in this class "USS LaSalle" and the "USS Arcos". The Arcos was destroyed in the year 2367 by a breach in the warp core, crew evacuates to planet surface and rescued by the Enterprise.
A single type of star ship, The Deneva Class.
by Yewok October 28, 2009
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Deneva is a fun loving person to be around with sometime jokes around a little too much. Deneva is thick not fat but thick. Deneva also has a bad temper and will try to mess up your life if you did something to hurt her ,her friends or family. Deneva does not sugar coat anything for no body, She keeps it real and shares her opinion all the time rather you feel some type of way or not . Deneva doesn't care because she knows the truth hurts and people need to get their feelings hurt so they can Learn and Understand. Deneva is also a little freaky but doesn't show it to everyone. Deneva is smart , Loyal , Pretty , and tries to make people happy when they are down. Deneva has a big heart but sometimes people take that for granted, Deneva also chooses her friends wisely but also makes bad decision because she trust to many people. Deneva is sometime bipolar and doesn't even know it, Deneva will always be herself and would never change that for nobody.
"Damn, that's Deneva she look good". "Nah bro, she might look good but she crazy as hell ".

"Deneva always got something to say." "Girl she's just keeping it real with you, you just mad."
by People's Post March 16, 2017
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