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A sexy name, that's Native American. A character in brother bear possibly the best disney movie of all time.
"aye Denahi stahp trying to hunt me, I'm ur brother!"
"srry Kenai I culdnt rly tell bro"
by Grace dawg March 15, 2013
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Denahi is a romantic person, says sweet things a lot,he may say he's ugly but really he's not he's a very handsom person,he could have suffered a lot in his life and just wants someone to cheer him on and love him for who he is and with all their heart, he is someone who you can definitely trust on, if u need someone to talk to and say how your day has been and talk about whats been going on then u can definetly go to him, if you ever need help in any situation he'll do whatever he can to help you,he's someone who makes you very cheerful and happy he can really make your day a better day, Denahi is a very open guy once he really trusts you, he makes lots of weird and silly jokes often but that's just something cool about him if you ever meet a Denahi then makes sure not to hurt his feelings
Girl 1: Ugh i wish there was someone i could just hug and talk to

Girl 2: i know the pefect guy

Girl 1: who?

Girl 2:Denahi of course!

Girl 1:you're totally right!
by Anna_Marie July 24, 2018
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