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(shortened from the word demanding) - when someone becomes such an obsessive freak that they invade your personal space and continuously annoy you until you are forced to give into their demands
demz nag pester annoy harass tease prod provoke irritate disturb
by YaKult! September 4, 2011
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1. v. -to force someone to do something he or she does not wish to do.

2. v. -being tricked.

3. n. demzation. Hell. Damnation. Endless torture and suffering.
I totally demzed her into joining the horrific game with me.

She was totally demzed when she went to school at 12:30.

Souls who do bad are condemned to eternal demzation.
by Yellow Manta Rays November 17, 2011
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Group Of Bandits,, Consists Off:
Sambo- Pure Thug. Big Rep.
Lovey- Same As Sambo, Rolls With The Bloods, Known 2 Always Carry A Shank And Merk Phassie's That Get In His Way.
Kris- Bred From The Ghetto, Reps BANES With His Boy And Gyal Demz.

"Boys Watch Out Here Come The Rasta Man-Demz"
"Look On That Wall,, Its The Rasta Man-Demz Tag"
by Rmd Bandit. January 16, 2008
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