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Name Given to a Democrat Party Member that has went so far to the left that the person Borders on being a communist.

The person uses a broad interpretation of the constitution to violate the civil rights of Americans. Also to undermine civil or Military authority.

The person spins communist propaganda into concurring with the constitution.

Word first used By the Moniker Holio on
circa 2004 to describe the Portland City Councils heavy Handed Tactics in an attempt to Tax Beer sales in local establishments.
demothugs areUsing the constitution to force Americans to purchase Health Insurance.

demothugs Undermining Military Operations around the world such as Harry Reid saying" The war is not winnable".

Dumothugs Or an elected official calling enlisted people "Dumb"

demothug Attempts to render the Bill of rights Void.

Demothugs saying The Constitution is a living document.
by Ilovedems December 04, 2010
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