A woke citizen of the United States, characterized by repeating popular slogans such as 'Build Back Better', 'Minorities can't afford IDs', and the ever popular phrase, 'You're a Nazi'.

These people generally let their emotions control their actions and words, instead of using logic, reason, and truth.
"Is that a Biden sign in your neighbor's yard?"

"Yes, he is obviously a Demotard."
by Howlfly April 6, 2021
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An often well-meaning, "for the people", type that gets caught up in the circular arguments of rhetoric spouting windbags. The inability to assert one's self in said situations.
With a majority held in the House and the Senate, and a democratic President, a demotard will often find a way to seem inept, with in-fighting and bickering with retardicans.
by ronchee 1 3 February 13, 2010
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