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What the Democratic Party in the United States of America has actually become since the "Limousine Liberal Elite" took over the Democratic National Committee and all varieties of Socialists infected the middle-rank leadership. The shift started gradually in the 1960's, and the rate of change is accelerating. The once-Democratic party has transformed itself from "the political party of the common man" to an "organization where ideology trumps interest"; the rank and file are seen as "useful idiots", and the ideology is that of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Saul Alinsky.

Those Democrats who favor this ideology prefer to be referred to as "Progressives", due to America's ingrained distrust of "Socialism" and visceral hatred of "Communism." The last eight years has also tarnished the term "Liberal" in many American eyes, so this term is also disfavored by the Democratic Communists. Dishonesty is "part and parcel" of these folks.

Given the current political climate, this organization will probably be dead within twenty years due because the average lifespan of any socialist government is about seventy-five years, at which time they have spent everyone else's money. Basically, Americans need to treat these folks as wolves-in-sheep's-clothing because their ultimate goal is destruction of the United States of America as we know it.
Barrack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders are all examples of Democratic Communist Party Leadership.
by Disillusioned Dem February 25, 2017
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