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1. Spending money makes money.

2. Debt is but a number.

3. Barack Obama has done nothing wrong. Ever. I swear.

4. The best defense is no defense at all.

5. Al Gore has shown us the error of our ways. Ours, mind you. His ways are just fine thank you very much.

6. Patriot Act = Bad. Cybersecurity Act = Good.

(Wait a minute, they're the same bill!)

Shut up, Glenn Beck.

7. Fox News is evil. MSNBC is the truth and the light.

8. A massive overhaul of the health care system is good for all. Never mind that insurance prices would plummet if one measly law requiring health insurance to be bought in the state you live in, Obama needs to build up his reputation in the history books! Do we want Obama to look like Van Buren in 200 years? Hell no!

9. Bailing out banks will help all of America. Of course the executives won't give all the money to themselves.

10. Anyone who doesn't think like me is an idiot.

11. When a president promises to withdraw all troops in war zones when elected, he really just means move them from one to another. Oh, and they'll be there for 8 or 9 years. Just sayin'.

12. Scandal in the Bush Administration? HARP HARP HARP! Scandal in the Obama Administration? ........wait, what happened? I was unaware of anything transpiring of that nature. Oh well. In other news, H1N1.

In other words, Democrat Logic is something found only in Imaginationland.
Larry: Obama's plans are really working. You just have to use Democrat Logic to see it.

Mr. Pickle: I'm sorry Todd, I can't shove my head that far up my ass.
by BatmanBegan,B-tch! December 03, 2009
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A meaningless term invented by barely-literate Republicans.
What you're probably looking for is "Democratic Logic", i.e. the idea that we should base our government policies on actual numbers and evidence as opposed to ancient myths and superstitions(stem cells have souls), not to mention false stereotypes (the idea that all people on welfare want to be there and are lazy, yes even the children).
"Democrat Logic" exists only among republicans who believe in the existence of the "Democrat Party".
by Submitters of Words July 06, 2011
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Logic such as believing women should have the right to murder their fetus but the government shouldn't be able to kill convicted terrorists.
Average Joe: So women want government out of their uterus, until they want the government to pay for their abortion?

Democrat logic.
by stinkywhitedick June 09, 2015
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