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A demi-leigh is a bootilicious girl who is loud and energetic. She is funny and caring, although is NOT a pushover. All demis' have burger nips, thats for sure. They can be sometimes immature. They have to carefully wash their belly button or it develops an odour.
"who's that 14 year old girl over there watchign scooby doo?" "Oh that's just demi-leigh."
by ILOVE DEMI October 26, 2011
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Demi-leigh is an amazing, beautiful girl. She's funny an amazing friend and all round amazing person to be around. Demi-leigh is si trust worthy you can tell that girl oat and she won't tell a single soul. Not to mention how amazing she looks. Demi-leigh is the best person you will ever meet. Never say no to demi-leigh or you will regret it. She's a flirt and watch out because she can make you like her with out even trying. Demi-leigh will normally pretend hate you when she likes you. Demi-leigh is so smart and pretty it's to good. She loves her family and friends so much she would do anything for then. She's the one everyone is talking about at school and every one likes. Demi-leigh will be very kind to her friends but she is insane when it gets to the people she does really hate. Don't get confused demi-leigh will pertend to be confident but she's not inside. If u ever get the chance with demi-leigh take it cuz its worth it. Every one needs a demi in there life you can't live with out one.
"Look at that girl over there she's stunning "
"Ohh she is,wait it's demi-leigh! "
by Demi-leigh October 03, 2018
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