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She’s the most beautiful human being ever. I didn’t met someone like her in my hole life, she have a white heart also, And i love everything about her and i want every piece of her, she’s admirable and she works so hard to reach her goals. Can’t wait to see famous as fuck, and i really need her to solve all the problems in her life. I love u darling 🖤
I love u demah ♥️. Unni 💕
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by Unnihakasei June 11, 2018
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in Arabic it means the raining clouds or dew . It's a name used for most unique of women.

A really beautiful middle eastern girl who has an amazing personality. She is extremely gorgeous and has an amazing body; many people adore her because she is just that perfect. She is basically what perfection is.

Usually a quite, not so chatty girl who is full of wit. She is never selfish and thinks of others constantly. She is a beautiful and intelligent girl with hidden talents. She's fun to be around, and although she may not know it, everyone loves her personality. She is constantly happy and optimistic unless something emotionally or mentally crushing happens. She's a very romantic and her love means a lot. A very confident person and gives great advice. Demah is a true friend.

One of the cutest people you will ever meet. She is always cracking jokes and is truly hilarious. She is really beautiful, even if she may not believe it. She has the most amazing hair and is the best person to spend your time with. The most huggable and lovable person you'll ever meet. You'll never forget the time you've spent with her.
"I wish I looked like Dima"
You'll never forget demah
demah the girl with the purest soul
by M104 September 14, 2017
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