very pretty hot sexy amazing funny, can pull more than one gender, everybody likes her and she is gifted in every single talent you can name
1: dude did u hear about Delyn? there's nothing that girl can't do. she's amazing.
2: hell yeah, i love her.
by hdhshdhshd October 15, 2021
A suave and debonair manly man. Has a certain love for plaid and a magic axe he has named Brenda. Beard aficionado and has rugged good looks. A Delyn must party and smokes a bit o' the green stuff.
Guy 1: pass the J Delyn
Delyn: why the fuck don't you com over here and make me.
Guy 1: never mind but hurry up...
Delyn: Don't you rush me cocksucker!
Guy 1: I sincerely apologize.
Glenda: cut of his fucking arm
by NotDelyn April 16, 2011