A person who loves to drive and thinks his or her car is a toy. Aided by the power of the companies name, the driver is filled with a sense of Righteousness as they skid around a corner weaving through traffic. This cigarette smoking Delivery Driver is "NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH". Will not hesitate to throw you into oncoming traffic(while listening to Black Sabbath as he throws his head back and laughs, lighting another cigarette). And the most important fact, the driver knows where you live. Most likely has a "shit-list" of addresses to "bad tippers".
The Delivery Driver peeled out of the parking lot, throwing an empty can of beer out the window as he sqwealed around the corner.

That driver smelled like cigarettes and booze again.

my pizza is missing toppings!

Did you see those two cars racing? the Papa Johns guy smoked him.
by butseks February 9, 2010
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