The nickname for using bodily fluids or waste products that are usually not considered to be used in sex acts. However, some people are into getting their Red Wings, smearing a St. Louis Steamer, taking a Golden Shower, and so on.
Jeb: I don't think I'll play matchmaker for George anymore.
Neil: Why's that, Jeb?
Jeb: He's into some sick sexual stuff. There is not a waste product that comes out of a woman that he does not mix into sex.
Neil: So, his specialty is the devil's delicacy...
by von groovy June 17, 2017
A fetish play involving one participant playing the dominated 'dog' role. The dominant participant will say 'Asian' sounding words while stimulating the dog.
I'm getting bored of Cock and Ball Torture recently, so were gonna Chinese Delicacy out for a bit.
by GautamaJesus August 25, 2020
The food you get when you defeat the Dark Lord of Miitopia (the first one).
Originally, I thought all Miis loved the Ultimate Delicacy. However, I fed it to one of them and they hated it.
by virilie September 15, 2020
The functionality of the known things that is needed to be blooming in terms of functions of the delicious delicacy.
Im the functional Delicacy of the known everything is under my control
by Ms.Everything November 23, 2021