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A state-specific subset of the larger "wigger" phenomenon. The Delawigger is the epitome of every cliche associated with the negative "wigger"stereotype, as the image-consciousness of corporate kids with suburban money is exponentially intensified within the Dupont-esque "old-new money" environs found in The Delaware/Wilmington regions. Superficiality abounds as well as the commonality of "mock rebellion" and "pseudo-gangsta" lifestyles.

Commonly referred to as "Anarchy Before Curfew" in the 1990s, the Delawigger lives the "Pseudo Life" as a mainstay, preferring it to individualism or indeed ACTUAL gangster activities. This is common to almost all "wiggers" but within the petri dish of Delaware, young people have achieved an almost perfected state of normalcy, where the exception elsewhere is indeed the rule in Delaware.
Joe has gone full Delawigger -- he is so immersed in the lifestyle he doesn't even know he's acting like a superficial phony. His false persona has consumed him and is now his reality.
by Jules Vincent March 30, 2011
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