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The newest species known to man. This newly discovered phenomenon of the human species is one to marvel at and fall in love with!

Loyal, Strong and Sexy this girl is all of life's perfections rolled into one! A dancing diva, she cannot live without music. A hopeless romantic she cannot live without love.

She can keep anyone entertained at any given time and loves to cause a little chaos!

You will always find her surrounded by the fun people who never hold back and love to be just as crazy as she is. She is easy to fall in love with so boys beware... you cannot tame her or break her if you try she'll be gone. You have to take her as she is, which includes all her crazy friends too!

She loves life and everything about it. Being positive and making the best out of a bad situation is what she does best... which is what pulls people to her like a magnet!

"It's so frustrating that no matter how hard I try I'll never be able to be a Delann!"
by SinCityButterfly February 03, 2010
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