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Loyal. Kind. Trustworthy. Big fan of Snapchat and great at freestyling.

Don't test her, she'll get an A+.

Her best friends and fam are everything to her.

Like the other delali on Urban dictionary, this lady loves her some shoes. Sneakerheads that love heels too, what's not too love.

But don't ever confuse delali for a materialist because life is more than mere objects.

She stays awake.
You might know one of her nicknames.

Her motto: quality over quantity. She has very good friends!
Hater: delali is so wired
Delali: you can't even spell gtfoh!
by treatyoself150 August 26, 2018
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One of a kind (bet you can't find more than one in any given state), trustworthy, man-crushable, pretty fly, has an increasingly disturbing attraction to shoes. Most likely every one else in the family has a normal name, but attempted to get back to their "roots" when they named him. He's good natured, but will defend his friends at go time.
Joey: So I totally scuffed one of his shoes yesterday.
Chelsea: Oh God. What happened?
Joey: He just laughed. Then someone stepped on my flipflop. He chased them down the street and beat them with said flipflop.
Chelsea: What a Delali.
by jbor613 May 28, 2011
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