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A person who will go through hell and back to keep a smile on her face. She can be loyal and sweet but get on her bad side and you will regret it. She's typically not a violent person but she has a way with words. She is extremely beautiful but will never believe it. Drama tends to trail her. Even when she doesn't try she always seems to get stuck in the middle. She tends to stay single but gives the best relationship advice. She's great in a crisis and she is a great friend. She will always be only a call away no matter when it is or what terms you may be on with her. She tends to compliment the people she cares about frequently and if she has a problem with you she won't hesitate to let you know. She won't pretend to be friends with you for anything. She's very strong, inspiring, and independent. Anyone would be lucky to have a Dejza as a friend.
Eg; Woah! Dejza is so supportive.
Eg; Who knew Dejza could be so aggressive!?!?
by Purplesparkkes June 06, 2017
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