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A religion in which you cannot say whether there is or is not a god. However, IF God is real then he created Earth and every other thing in this universe. (Other universes have their own different gods.) After creating everything and deciding it was good, he left to let it form on its own. He does not interfere with anything or create 'miracles'. He simply watches and studies. Also people of this religion believe that the meaning of life is to study, learn, and have fun. Other than that everything is meaningless and leads up to nothing more than a simple black dot. In reincarnating a soul, the soul will go to the next born organism right after it's previous death. When the soul has sinned to the point of no forgiveness it simply dies with that body. Souls will always continue to be reincarnated until reproduction becomes impossible and the Earth will become useless until God decides to add new life. Then the good souls will begin entering those bodies. No new souls are ever created, there are many of them though. Things are constantly dying and things are constantly being born. The world is a perfect imperfection.
You have just learned the simplicity of practicing Deiognisticism.
by LaynaliLynn September 13, 2011
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