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Deimantas is a super hot guy thet you want to spend your life with, he’s shy and adorable on the outside but on the inside he’s a hot romantic guy. All the girls want a Deimantas, he’s trustworthy, kind and sweet, the whole package.
girl 1: “i need a fella who i can trust
girl 2: “ you need a Deimantas, girl”
by namedefinitionsxoxo February 18, 2018
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a nice, sweet, caring boy on the inside, but misbehaving, cocky person on the outside. He selfharms secretly, because he usaully hates his life and wishes for death
(A guy) - "deimantas can go kill himself"
(Me) - "happily"
he helps me with so many things, but i dont notice him, just ignore him.
by Deimantas. November 30, 2017
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