A person that plays games or Runescape late at night, beyond the hours of that of the average person.

Also Bridgebon
Oh man I've been a total degen this week, but I got dragon chain.
by Degen Warrior November 22, 2021
A Professional Trader who invest their entire portfolio hoping for a Moon. A Gambler Who will bet everything on anything they think is bullish.

limited amount of Exclusive Artwork Created by the creator of the word "certified degen" only available for @punkxape holders.

FRIEND:You need to stop investing all your money into NFTs. You haven't even Profited anything.
I became a certified degen after getting into NFTs.
by 1.eth June 6, 2022
A pure degenerate at heart who leads the masses of Elon Musk followers to developing gambling addictions and Doctape usage.
He Yolo'd his entire life savings on Dogecoin? What a Doctor Degen!
by Indigo93 February 21, 2021
Someone who is vanilla, but viewed from inside a subculture where weird fetishes are the norm, r34 and related. Like "normie" but for sex related things. Almost never actually an insult.
A: yoo holy shit have you seen this Peach x Bowser r34? I wish he would rape my ass like that.
B: no sorry, I'm not into that, I'm a vanilla degen
by QXTR July 11, 2021
degening. basically a verb that describes everything a degen does.
"ah yea mate, I started degening Overwatch again."
by cheesstix April 22, 2022
A bluechip collection with huge potenitial.
Guy 1 : Wow, have you seen this project?
Guy 2 : Yeah bro, it's definitely Degen Sweepers.
by Jassonek June 12, 2022