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Incredible, or neat, but in a smoooooooth way.
Whoa, those were some deevy moves, bro.
by Illustro January 09, 2018
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Deevy, commonly a name based on North Indian decent. This name usually male happens to represent a type of person like no other. Most DEEVY'S tend to fall for Vietnamese girls and love to correct everyone for all of their grammar mistakes. Deevy has a deep sexual perversion with jokes and occasionally watches pornography. The pornography usually big Indian bhabis represent the edipual concept of deevys mind. Deevys tend to be vegatarian and don't like the smell of steak. Deevys also tend to like the "thick and creamy" mac and cheese from common stores such as Panera. Aka as deevya, they usually love snacking on long, fried, battery
Person1: Can I order 2 vegetarian bean tacos with extra beans on the side????
Person2: Oh a Deevy?
Person1: Yes plz
by hysuki February 09, 2017
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