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n. A small town in Montana. Population approximately 2,000. It's the kind of town where serial killers and the uni-bomber blend right in. There's plenty of seedy bars on the downtown drag that are frequented by a motley crue of female lumberjacks, ex-cons, miners and ladies looking for a fight. If you're looking for a man in Deer Lodge you won't find one, if your looking for the wrong man then you'll find more than your fair share.
v. deer-lodged; having been tricked most likely by severe alcohol consumption into sleeping with, much regrettably a female lumberjack, ex-con, miner or anyone from Deer Lodge, Montana.
I awoke deer-lodged, hungover and missing some teeth and my wallet in a roadside motel in Deer Lodge, MT.
by noMTnme May 28, 2011
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A once quaint little town in Montana that time has turned into a grungy western slum. Some residents like to flaunt their long time generational legacy, but fail to mention the overwhelming tragedy of that statement. Deer Lodge begins with the lovely McDonald's, home to all high school drop outs, and ends with an abandoned prison that numerous tourists passing through and employees of the museum pretend to care about. Deer Lodge consists of a vibrant variety of lowlifes, from the scummy prison inmates, to the unsavory prison employees, to the trashily clad individuals stumbling among the streets from bar to bar at 2am. The poverty-stricken town is scattered with tasteful mobile homes and poorly maintenanced architecture. The diverse population exists of poor white trash, Cowboys with enormous egos, hypocrites, judgemental pricks, racists, drunken farm boys, ignorant dropouts, unintelligible winers, grammatical failures, potheads, old men who control the town's unchanging atmosphere, and the occasional respectable human being who does not have the resources to gtfo. Entertainment in Deer Lodge consists of getting drunk at the bar, getting drunk at the rodeo, getting drunk at a friend's house, getting drunk in a field, or getting drunk at a bonfire. Dead end careers, self pity, and a feeling of pure despair are plentiful in Deer Lodge. If you are interested in becoming a resident of this near ghost town, I suggest you reconsider immediately.
Mentally deranged person: "Deer Lodge is great. Deer Lodge is a place of opportunity, success, and happiness. Deer Lodge is a paradise."
by Ez4 September 20, 2016
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Deerlodge is a term for an amazingly beautiful and ecletic farm or homestead that exists often in the mountains and off the beaten path. Deerlodge is a place that is often surrounded by hippies, yet is filled itself with some rough and tumble artistic types who aren't uptight enough to be hippies, nor angry enough to be activists. Deerlodgians often keep to themselves, smoke a lot of pot, have amazing talents, and explore their curiosities. Deerlodge is a place you can always find a meal or a place to crash.
Her house is a total deerlodge.
by ravenlaughingdeer May 26, 2018
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