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Deep vein thrombonesis (throm-BONE-sis), or DVTBONE, is a condition that occurs when copious amounts of blood flows to and settles in the center of a males thick, rigid cock during intercourse or analcourse. The cock becomes overly engorged and swollen to the size of a tennis ball or softball. The blood thickens so much that the male becomes trapped inside the vagina or anus. Even after becoming non-erect or flaccid, Deep Vein Thrombonesis will remain and can take up to an hour or longer for the swelling to subside allowing for the penis to be withdrawn.

Although the condition can look painful, it is generally without pain and in some instances, can enhance the lovemaking.
After an unhealthly combination of viagra and other sex enhancing substances, Luther found himself suffering from Deep Vein Thrombonesis during intercourse with this girlfriend, Nadine. Luther was swollen up the size of a softball and couldn't withdraw for over an hour.
by Eaton Holgoode March 13, 2014
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