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Basically hammering away on your loved one (namely guy into girl) so she can't walk later. Attitude adjustment to make sure that male dominance is resumed in the relationship (or she was hard up for some). Later, you may brag to your buddies.
"Sorry, I had to give my ol' lady some Deep Dish Dickin' action."-- You may resume playing video games.
by Panzy79 January 18, 2007
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Deep-Dish-Dickin is when you are a brotha (black man), and you are with a beautiful black woman. During your time together you perform intercourse (makin sweet love), and give her long hard strokes deep inside.

The feelings are enjoyable for both parties, and provide a great time for those involved.
Hey, my girl texted me for some netflix n chill, sounds like she wants some Deep-Dish-Dickin.
by Brittany4lyfe August 24, 2017
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