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The art of being a geek or a freak
That guy with the dorky ripped hat is totally Deeka!
by Tim/Ted August 06, 2014
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well, in the many languages ive heard, this is the most unique words ive heard from this so called "lanuage." most formally, it means cream spinach.... but as we americans call it... well.... it just means MY willis and doodle-berris, if i may be so blunt. also, this word may be mistaken for white mountain deeka black women shoes. if u think im being racist, dont be such a lazy ass and google it yourself :) happy pimped out deeka!!!!
"DUDE!! thats one sexy deeka you got there, cowboy!"

"damn, i wish my deekawas as big as yours!!!"
by crazy-deeka-dis isss crussyy January 01, 2010
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