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When you are having sex with a girl, and she is not as attractive as you'd wish she was, but you would like to pretend that she's absolutely gorgeous. You bury your face into your arm, just as Dee Brown did when he won the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, as a Boston Celtic, with the "no-look" dunk, while you are on top missionary style. You hide your face in your arm, close your eyes, and pretend that it is someone else that you are having sex with, always much hotter than the cow that you're doing.

An alternative usage is when you have no money left to your name, but use your credit card instead with reckless abandon, closing your eyes and swiping it without concern of what you can really afford.
Pete: How'd it go with that fat cow you picked up the last night?

Scott: Pretty good actually, I ended up Dee Browning it and pretended it was Jenna Jameson the whole time, even though we both know she looked a lot like Rosie O'Donnell. It all feels the same when the lights are out.

alternate example:

Pete: How'd you afford that new T.V.? You haven't worked in months.

Scott: Not to worry bro, I just Dee Browned it on the card. Who cares? I don't. Let them banks come and get me.
by southsidewaterman May 04, 2009
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