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The act of anti-recycling, a lynchpin of the environmentally-unfriendly movement.

Decycling involves taking items that are in line for, or in the process of, being recycled and making sure they make their way into everyday waste and eventually to their rest in landfill sites.

There are several ways that one can decycle including, but not limited to;

- One may physically remove items have been put into recycling bins, and place them in ordinary bins.

- One may add items for recycling into the incorrect recycling bins, making it more difficult to sort the items for recycling. This can range from mixing brown glass with that of clear to mixing carboard with plastic (particularly effective if cardboard is wet).

- One may set fire to recycling bins, melting the plastic in the process. Research has found that using a lighter and an aerosol as a blow-torch is most effective for getting into the small gaps in recycling bins.

Be a good citizen. Do your bit to leave your mark on this planet. Decycle daily.
"I just spent the day decycling some cardboard boxes with soem friends" "You've become quite the decyclist"
by William Stroker October 17, 2007
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