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The act of removing a cunt from your facebook account.

People often go through their friend list periodically, removing people that they no longer have contact with. However, decunting is only done when a particular friend's updates and self-promotions become so annoying that you can no longer stand hearing about them. Decunting may take place after realising that a particular Facebook friend is homophobic, sexist or racist, judging by an offensive status they have just posted.
This is an example of decunting:

Status update: "James Brown hates fags". "James Brown loves Tony Abbott". "James Brown says "Australia, love it or leave it". "James Brown hates boat people".

I better decunt my Facebook by removing James Brown as my friend. I never realised what a horrible cunt he was until now.
by Lizzie Birdsworth November 10, 2011
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