1. A depressed economy, whether at a personal or national level.
2. The cost-cutting measures taken by a person who is unemployed or underemployed, such as buying cheaper gas or eating at home instead of in restaurants, verb: deconomize
3. Being laid off or having one's income reduced, being 'deconomized', or the act of reducing a labor force through layoffs, plant closures and other draconic cost-cutting measures as a means of saving corporate money
Joe: Hey, how's your job search going?
Schmo: Terrible. No one's hiring in this deconomy

Joe: So how are you holding up financially?
Schmo: We've had to deconomize. We quit eating out and now I put cheap gas in my car. Man, it's been tough ever since XYZ deconomized its entire manufacturing division. Guess they wouldn't have been able to pay the huge CEO bonuses otherwise.
by For Whom the Bell Trolls August 18, 2010
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A sketchy division in cryptocurrency that buys up abandoned projects to revive them from the dead. Essentially generating profits from the holders of each crypto currency.
"Deconomy is great! they offer high yield and take over dead projects!" "Are you sure that is a solid investment bro?"
by LoriTheLobster March 9, 2022
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