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Dececco, Pronounced ( De-Che-ko)

1. When one has ankles made of glass, that any contact or twist would result in that ankle breaking or being injured.

2. When one has never trained legs, and thus has weak ankles. That are easily injured

Origin of Dececco:
Comes from the north of Italy but since the Inquisition can be seen throughout the world
Dont tackle Marco too hard he has dececco

Man#1 - Hey Andrea, why are you not playing football this weekend?
Man#2 - i cant, i got the dececco's last weekend

Woman #1 - Hi Riccardo, would you like to dance with me?
Man #1 -Sorry, i have Dececco
Woman #1 - Oh ok, i understand!
by Master_D April 10, 2017
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