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A carefree and dominantly tomboyish girl, who is always too busy searching for reasons to get high. She also happens to be very fluent in sarcasm, a faithful follower of Chandler Bing.
eg: where's Debolina? She's probably drunk or making sarcastic passes at random people.
by say_what? June 04, 2018
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Are u kidding?? why even searching for this. Debolinas are awesome. They are amazing and swell. Have the best features and amazing in bedm Really hot and tempting but can get dangerous when betrayed. Loves to be loved and cared and also good in either studies or creativity. overall they are awesome human beings and you can go to them anytime you want. :))
Damn Debolina is amazinnn
by Unknowntraveller June 07, 2018
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