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1) The feeling of having an abnormally strong orgasm to the point that you fear for your life.
2) A word to describe the look on someone's face just before they die of an incredibly powerful orgasm.
When Rollie sent her boyfriend nude photos, the look on his face could only be described as a deathgasm.
by justanemokid February 24, 2009
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When you are so submitted to heavy metal that every once and a while when you listen to it you have a accidental orgasm
Metal fan 1: "Dude this metal music is sick"
Metal fan 2: "I know I think I just had a deathgasm"
by Coastalmike May 24, 2018
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1) A strong feeling of excitement brought on by anything dark or of death, such as music and art felt by death enthusiasts.
2) An orgasmic feeling triggered by the thought of or anything dead.
1 ) That goth chick is having a deathgasm over Behemoth's new album, the satanist.
2) That necrophile creep had a deathgasm in the morgue looking at all those bodies.
by Malevolent Mind December 29, 2016
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When a friend or sibling dies, or gets in trouble, and you derive enough pleasure to orgasm to it.
1)Person 1:**cring** it was marks time to go.
Person 2: yes. yes it wa-....
Person 2: nothing. i just had a deathgasm.

2)AH! My brother just fell into a septic tank and it feels so good!
by Mike Dixie Normous March 01, 2008
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