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When a celebrity dies, and everyone "all the sudden" becomes a fan of theirs, they haven't jumped on the band wagon, they've jumped on the death-wagon.
just before Heath Ledger died, he was known as "the guy from that gay cowboy movie", then he died and everyone stopped bashing him, became a fan and jumped on the death-wagon.
by General Talbot April 16, 2010
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A very unreliable or ill-equipped vehicle, that is not capable of handling the mode of travel intended for it.
My '96 Isuzu trooper swerves every time I steer and has faulty safety belts. I'm not taking the kids in that death wagon.
by fruitermelon July 01, 2008
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Possibly the best band ever. They have many songs out, mostly about their idol, Mr. Fritzmeier. This band has a couple of great guitarists and many guest singers and musicians including Drew Hamilton and Mr. Fritzmeier.
deathwagon rocks!
by Slurms McKenzie March 20, 2004
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