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Any motorcycle with a displacement of 1000cc or greater.


Any motorcycle that surpasses an individuals experience and/or expertise to ride.
GSX1300R "Hyabussa"
Ducati 919

"Bra... that bikes a little powerful for you ain't it? I mean... you been riding a week and all... it's kinda a Death Pickle idn't it?"
by schimschone March 12, 2005
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a restaurant game we used to play with slices of pickles, object was to stack a slice of pickle with ingredients in attempt to design the grossest pickle.

the rules were:
- items had to be edible
- healthcode safe
- no toilet humor, like you couldn't wipe pickles on your body
- items had to stay on the slice without falling off

after designing pickles we'd taste test each creation and rank the winner of grossest pickle
Hey guys, ready to play some death pickle today?
by psykoz June 12, 2018
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