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Death Mix happens when you get an empty water bottle. Then, you go to your parents’ liquor cabinet: take a little bit of every liquor and you put it inside the water bottle. Even the melon one, even the banana one, even the vermouth, even the rum, and even the one in the back that you don’t even know what it is, and then you shake it up. Then you drink it at school and you forget about school. And you don’t need to learn because who cares about learning? Then you vomit in the bathroom and the teachers are worried, but fuck the teachers. Then your parents are worried and they’re all like “Where is my alcohol?” They didn’t notice because you put in a little water in it, then you put it in the freezer, and then it freezes. Then you get caught, but it all works out.
Ah, yes sweet death mix. It tastes like literal poison, but you chug the whole thing at school and spend the latter half of the day passed out on the wheelchair bathroom stall.
by tommyboy666 February 22, 2018
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A mixture of two or more non-complimentary alcohol's, usually stolen from parents before you can buy alcohol, and taken to a party or other social function.
J: Brian brought the fuckin' death mix to the party last night.
A: That shit was gross, but it did the job
by buttdoctor101 October 27, 2011
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