When your character is killed in the middle of something resulting from a horrible lag. The player's character could either be killed by an enemy player, the game environment, a NPC or some monster in the game. As long as the game connects via internet, then this could happen as long as that connection is bad or "laggy".

This mainly occurs in overpopulated MMORPGs or games with otherwise bad internet connections that occur frequently, eg. RuneScape and Call of Duty 4.
Player 1: "WTF happend?! We were just about to win!"
Player 2: "Damn noob killed me because I lagged."
Player 3: "Dude, you were just owned by a 'death lag'!"
by CCCLouds October 27, 2009
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The occurance of when playing an on-line game and your screen freezes due to a lag in your internet connection or with the game server, resulting in finding your character dead when you resume play.
Jim: "What happened? You were just sitting there while we were being attacked."

Bryon: "Sorry bro... serious lag problem"

Jim: "Dude. Lag death blows!"
by tmarshall October 4, 2006
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