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The baddest bitch alive. She catches the attention of everyone when she walks into a room. She smart and she loyal. She IS the major key to a popping life and she slays ALL day honey.
That Deasha rain just won't led up.
by Fatbellyd December 24, 2016
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Extremely funny and outgoing. Will give her last to anyone , but doesn't really care about anything Most of the time loyal in her relationship . Extremely gorgeous, and her smile leaves jaws open. Any boy should be happy to have her!
She's soooo Deasha
by Laiiiiik January 10, 2017
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this person tends to be small but funny, he will make everyone laugh and has a good personality, he tends to be the opposite of a lourenco and liked a lot more.
that De Asha is hilarious
by fclpd[fhgf July 19, 2017
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