Known to be an incredible actor, sometimes writes jingles. Is quite tall , quite dumb. Addicted to responding to people on instagram. Hobbies include travelling to new york to go to apple jacks. Loves eggs benedict. Known to wear black clothing to hide lack of gym going.

When i have the time to write songs inbetween my insane acting schedule - i write them. Im not actually an actor.

My sound is acoustic, i try to things very raw and organic. When a song comes i literally cant do anything until i finish it - ill spend maybe 2 weeks obsessing over it until its finished. And hope it turns out well.

My favorite cartoon would have to have been the simpsons.
That is song is very dean lewis. Meaning incredibly sad.
by iHeartRadio August 15, 2018
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Named after the world class prime athlete and gymnast cruelly felled in his prime by a tree surgeon.
Now he can only survive in the sitting position pathetically tweaking instruments with his horibly deformed 4 and a half digited paw.
Available for claims direct adverts.
He got £10,000 on the dean lewis injury scale at the old bailey
by bigus robus December 14, 2012
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