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1. Dead Reckoning is a technique of orienting a map without using a compass, by looking at the surrounding enviorment.
2. The mobile zombie-killing fortress in George A. Romero's Land of the Dead.
3. A Humphrey Bogart film.
4. A method used on networked games to reduce lag.
1. "Compass are pieces of shit, just use the damn map and dead reckon."
2. Dead Reckoning is the most incredible zombie killing piece of hardware, bar none.
3. Dead Reckoning, another mystery love-noir film with Humphrey Bogart as the protaginist.
4."This server is still too fucking slow, so much for dead reckoning"
by Jack Corrion August 07, 2005
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When a man french kisses a girl that he loves just after she engaged in some hardcore fellatio on a beach with his friend.
I think I just had a dead reckoning, that bird was very salty.
by Fatbanger September 06, 2010
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