D.O.A or DOA

When someone or something dies before it gets where it needs to go or does what it needs to do.

An example would be when a person gets transported to a hospital, but they die before the get there, they are Dead On Arrival.
My dad was driving to work, but was found Dead On Arrival.
by vivianVORTECKS July 26, 2010
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Used to describe a situation where an electronic device, electrical component, or other functional piece of equipment is purchased secondhand (or in semi rare cases, purchased new) online or in person, only for the consumer to discover that said item was broken or rendered non-functional.
"I bought two of these SSDs, because the first one was DOA. In case you don't know, DOA means dead on arrival, and that's not nice."
by Buttered Quayle February 15, 2023
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