Auto industry term for removing features from upcoming model years, usually to save money.
"Auto manufacturers have begun to decontent passenger side lock cylinders, as power locks and RKE have made them redundant."
by Raptor9458 July 20, 2009
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A badly Americanized Italian name that embodies strength, ferocity, passion, and a deep ability to love and be loyal. The men are handsome, and the women are...not your average woman. Let's put it this way: "That's a lot of woman!". Some of you may ask how much, and I'm not just talking physically either. :-P

Anyone who marries into a family of them must realize and understand the insanity, and be fully prepared for all manner of eccentricities. If you cannot cope with massive family dysfunction and oddity, this is the wrong part of the pool to possibly be spreading your genes in.
The DeConte women swing their feet to the floor and Satan yells "Crap, they're awake!"
by Lady So Divine April 5, 2009
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